Relax today, spa day

We’ve all been there. The weeks with never ending to-do lists, events, and projects. Along with everyday routines, school and work can be quite stressful, but we should never forget to put aside time to pamper and treat ourselves! Stress sucks. It often causes our body discomfort from muscle pains to acne (which definitely sucks) so we found some natural remedies to combat these bad boys.

First you’re going to want to get your hair out of the way, remove any make up that you have on and wash your face.

(Eunice kept tying and retying but failed to make a perfect bun, HA HA HA  😀 – Ivy)
(Hey! … I just have a lot of hair to deal with. /sobs/ I really took forever. Maybe more than 15 tries… it still didn’t work. – Eunice)

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First we are going to make a Strawberry & Honey face mask, it smells and tastes amazing, so try to resist eating it while you apply it all over your face. Strawberry is high in salicylic acid which is good for opening up clogged pores, exfoliation and neutralizing bacteria. Honey is a natural antiseptic which will help calm your skin and reduce redness.

You’re going to need to grab some towels because this could get pretty messy! When you’re all set to go, remember to put on a nice chill playlist. Our choice for tonight is Toe!!/profile/Toe/22195964

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  • 2-3 strawberries per person
  • 2 teaspoons of raw honey

Crush all strawberries with a fork or blend it briefly in a food processor
(Make sure its not too mushy or else it will become too watery to apply)
Drizzle in the honey and combine

strawberry face mask ui atelier acne treatment ivy chan eunice lam      strawberry face mask ui atelier acne treatment ivy chan eunice lam

Warning: side effects of this mask include being hungry because the mask smells so sweet and appetizing!

ivy chan strawberry face mask ui atelier eunice lam



When the two ingredients are thoroughly combined, you can then apply it on your face. We recommend doing this with a friend because it is actually quite difficult. (Our strawberries got a bit too drippy and got on our shirts and hair. It’s necessary to tie your hair up for this mask!) Remember to put a towel or paper towels on top of your cushions or pillows to avoid stains and spillage. Cover your face with the mixture and let it sit for 20 minutes. When the time is up, rinse off the mask and pat on your favourite toner and moisturize your skin. Your skin will feel very refreshed after this!


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(Make another bowl for a refreshing dessert, muahahaha – Ivy ^__^)

Now our skin is ready for another round of cleaning! We’re going to go the extra mile to get rid of that stress-induced acne. Next up is a Cinnamon and Honey face mask. Antibacterial properties in honey can help get rid of acne causing bacteria. This will prevent clogged pores, keep your skin clear and reduce swelling. As for cinnamon, this delicious spice is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and acts as a light microdermabrasion for your skin.

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  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons of raw honey

Combine the two ingredients until it becomes a smooth consistency. Use the back of a spoon to cover your face with this face mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes. (I absolutely love this face mask! Your face feels so nice and soft afterwards, plus this mask smells amazing as well. It would probably make a very good spread for toast. – Ivy)

**This can also be used as spot treatment for problem areas. Make a smaller amount and leave it on your skin overnight.

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This was a great way to catch up with a friend, wind down, re-energize and thank our bodies for working so hard during the busy week.

Try it this weekend and let us know how it goes. Share your home remedies with us too!
Always listen to your body. Make time for a walk outdoors or a stretch session. (:
Take good care of yourselves!

Until next time, happy pampering!

Eunice + Ivy