ACT I – Dîner en Blanc x A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Welcome to A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

This past Sunday, we had the honour of having faeries kings and queens as guests at our own garden party. Amidst all the rush and rage towards grabbing tickets to the Diner En Blanc Vancouver event, we thought, well… why not have our own version? So we did. With food, drinks, and games!

Photos and tips on how to host a large party under the cut. (:

The white dress code keeps you cool under the summer heat and is overall aesthetically pleasing! By adding a themed twist to the traditional Diner en Blanc, we were able to include a splash of colour with pastel or vibrant shades of purple, pink, and of course, white. We used balloons and tissue paper flowers as decorations. Our arrangement and decor to brighten up the atmosphere.

Most of the food prep can be done the night before. We kept the amount of work to a minimum by having a burger bar and banana boat station! This option allows the hosts to enjoy the party and the guests were presented with choices on choices!

DSC_0122 copy

Another important tip is to have mosquito-repelling candles around your table, this prevents any distractions during the party.


 Time-saving tip: Pair tortilla chips and veggie platters so you can focus on creating interesting dips! We also had a salad and roasted baby potatoes. Thank you to our dear friend, Anthony, for manning the grill! Couldn’t have had those delicious burgers without this awesome chef!



 Flower crowns, white lace, and golden wreaths go well with food and great conversations!




We moved the party indoors by playing telephone charades. With a party of 15, we split the groups as evenly as we could. Highly recommend using actions such as “chasing a monkey” or “milking a cow” and celebrities! After the first round we decided the most effective way was to limit each person to perform their action twice instead of a time limit. My personal favourite for words, or from what I can recall, are: Justin Bieber, head over heels, and it’s hard to recall but the simplest actions could turn out to be the funniest and most difficult to act and guess!




We hope this inspires you to host your own Dîner en Blanc!

Our friend, Amy, at Constellation Inspiration (if you read the name fast enough, it sounds like constant inspiration, which she totally is) also wrote about her time at the event. She posts about DIY projects from consigning thrifted clothing to piecing together her own jewellery. Follow her blog, as well as her Instagram, for vivid photos of food, Vancouver hipster joints, and of her beautiful being (or photos of Amy herself).


Eunice + Ivy


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